Trapped in the Woods- Chapter 1

Chapter 1- The Email

It all started with an e-mail. Marcus Harrington, ever the workaholic, was typing away at his keyboard late on Friday night. Suddenly, an e-mail popped up on his screen. It was from his boss. It read:


Because of your promotion, you have won an all-expense-paid three-day trip to a forest retreat in Ferncliff Forest. Hope you enjoy!

-Captain Darius Stone


Marcus couldn’t believe it. An all-expense-paid trip to the woods! He’d recently been promoted to lieutenant of the New York Police force. He loved his new job, but it was exhausting. A small part of him was suspicious, though. This could very well be a trap of some sort. But he dismissed these thoughts. It was pretty much impossible to hack into the Captain’s computer to send a fake email. He closed his laptop. He put the missing persons case he had been working on to one side. He called his three younger brothers to tell them the good news. “Pack your bags & meet me outside my house tomorrow morning!”


Alan Goodall smiled to himself. “Perfect.” he thought. “He fell right into my trap.” He turned to the pale, nervous teen sitting opposite him. “You did well, Evan. I knew you were right person for the job.” said Alan.”Wh-what you’re doing is wrong.” Alan arched his eyebrows. “Oh, really? Well, then you really won’t like what I’m about to do.” He pulled out a gun & shot him. ” Oh, Lieutenant Harrington. It’ll be fun to watch you & your family walk to their doom.”



A/N: My first chapter! What do you think? Is it good, is it trash? Please let me know!


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