Trapped in the Woods- Chapter 8 (Finale)

Chapter 8- Out of the Woods

The four were thrown ahead by the force of the explosion. They all got up, groaning in pain. Alex had a cut under his eye & on his lip. Nicholas had a nasty burn on his arm. Marcus had a gash on his forehead. Brian was clutching his ankle in pain. “Is everyone OK?” asked Marcus. “As OK as we can be after nearly getting burned alive.” quipped Alex. Marcus let out a weak laugh. “Brian, how’s your leg?” asked Nicholas. Brian’s ankle was bent at an unnatural angle. “Come on.” said Marcus. “Let’s find a hospital & get help.”



“No!” yelled Alan. His plan to murder Lieutenant Harrington & his family had failed. “I will get you one day, Harrington.” he said, shaking his fist. “Come what may, I will be the end of you.”


A/N: That’s a wrap, folks! I will be publishing another original story on this website, so look out for that. I will also eventually publish a sequel to this story, but it may take a while. Hope you enjoyed this story!!


P.S: This story was loosely based on a famous story from mythology. Your challenge is to guess the story which this is based on. Hint: It’s not Greek Mythology. Send your answers in the comments!

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