Trapped in the Woods-Chapter 7

Chapter 7- A Narrow Escape

“We’re all going to die!” exclaimed Nicholas. “Just like Mom & Dad did.” said Brian solemnly. Their parents were killed in a fire. Marcus was 10, Brian was 8, Alex was 6 & poor Nicholas was only 4. “Not on my watch.” There was a grim but determined expression on his face. “Go to your rooms & gather your things. Take only the essentials.” By then, the fire had spread & had nearly engulfed the living room. Dodging the flames, the four brothers all ran into their rooms. They only took enough supplies to fill a small backpack. Nicholas also brought out a suitcase. “Nicholas! What do you need that for?” asked Alex. “For this, idiot!” He started bashing it against the door with all his might. “Good idea!” said Brian. He ran into his room to get another. On his way back, he tripped over a loose floorboard. He cried out in pain. “Brian! Are you OK?!” asked Marcus frantically. “I’m fine.” replied Brian, in a futile attempt to calm his brother down. “Can you walk?” asked Alex. Brian tried to get up, but he wasn’t able to. Nicholas had almost got the door open. Alex was helping him, with the suitcase that Brian had brought. Finally, the door flew open with a crack. “Go!” yelled Brian. “We’re not leaving you!” said Marcus. He picked up Brian & draped his arm over his shoulder. They got out of the cabin just before it blew up.


A/N: Sorry for the long wait! I was just really busy. Anyways, here’s the dramatic climax y’all have been waiting for! Enjoy!!!

P.S: I put my Spotify playlist on shuffle while writing this, & the song that played was “Play With Fire” by Sam Tinnesz.🤣🔥

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