Trapped in the Woods- Chapter 6

Chapter 6- A Sinister Message

“Hello.” said a deep voice from the television. An image of a man flickered on the screen. An image that was all-too-familiar. Alan Goodall. “Hope you enjoyed your vacation, but now it must come to an end. The entire cabin will burn to the ground in 5 minutes.” The brothers gasped. “He must have hacked into the Captain’s computer & sent a fake email!” exclaimed Marcus. “Looks like Mr.Brainiac finally got smart.” sneered Alan. “Of course, I didn’t do it alone. I had some help from a young friend of mine named Evan.” “The missing persons case! 19-year-old Evan Smith. You were responsible for his disappearance! Where is he?!” said Marcus. “I would show you the body, but it’s at the bottom of the Hudson River.” Alan sneered. “You won’t get away with this!” yelled Brian, his jaw clenched in anger. “Hate to sound cliche, but I already have. My lovely assistant, Sarah, is locking you in the cabin as we speak.” As if on cue, they heard the click of a lock. “Thanks to her, you can’t even call for help.” “No! Please! Do whatever you want to me, Goodall, But don’t hurt my family!” Alan just smiled evilly. “Goodbye, Lieutenant Harrington. If its any comfort, it’ll be a pleasure to watch you & your family burn.” The television flickered & died, & the smell of burning wood filled the room.


A/N: Fun Fact- I had to rewrite this chapter, because I didn’t like how it initially turned out. Hopefully its good now 🙂

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