Trapped in the Woods- Chapter 5

Chapter 5- A Warning Too Late

“Did you do it?” asked Alan. Sarah nodded her head. “Did you have any trouble?” “Yeah. That idiot Alex was spying on me. I took care of it though.” Alan turned to her. “Is everything ready?” he asked. “Almost.” she replied. She sat down at her desk & started typing away at the keyboard of her computer. A few minutes later, she got up. “All systems are ready.” she said. “Perfect.”


Alex woke up the next morning with a splitting headache. He was lying on his bed. The last thing he remembered was someone grabbing him from behind & him losing consciousness. Slowly, he began to recall the events of the previous night. How he got up to get some water but ended up getting knocked out. He saw Sarah, the nice lady who welcomed them to their forest cabin, cut the telephone lines. He had to inform Marcus! He rushed to the living room. Thankfully, Marcus was already awake. “Marcus! Call the others! I have something important to tell you.”

A few minutes later, the four brothers had assembled in the living room. Alex told his terrifying tale in a shaky voice. “Maybe we should go & see if there are really any more cabins.” suggested Brian. “No! It’s too risky!” said Marcus. Just then, the television flickered to life.


A/N: Another bridge chapter (sorry!!)

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