Trapped in the Woods- Chapter 4

Chapter 4- A Face in the Dark

Alex had trouble getting sleep. He lay on his bed for hours, tossing & turning. He decided to go & get a glass of water. He passed Marcus’ room. Something unusual caught his eye. There was a dark silhouette of a woman standing in the room. Brian, who shared a room with Marcus, stirred slightly. But the woman who was standing there pulled out a bottle of some liquid. She took out a piece of cloth & poured the liquid on it. Chloroform! She clamped it over Brian’s face & he went still. Then, she hunched over the bedside table. She pulled out a pocketknife. She held up the cord of the telephone on the table & cut in one quick movement. Alex could barely hold back a scream. She began to emerge from the room. Alex ducked behind a curtain. She went into the living room. There, Marcus was sleeping peacefully with his head on the desk. He must have fallen asleep while working. The mysterious woman didn’t see any need to use the chloroform, so she left him alone. She went & cut all of the telephone lines. Alex could not stop shaking. He tiptoed back to his room. Hopefully, he could make it back before the lady came to his room. He had almost made back when she came. She was standing in the doorway of his room. In the dim moonlight, he could barely make out her face. It was Sarah, the lady who welcomed them to the cabin. “You.” he whispered. “Hello Alex. I’m sorry, but I have to do this.” She didn’t sound sorry at all. Alex slowly began to back away. But before he knew it, Sarah had grabbed him from behind. He struggled fiercely, but her grip was too strong. She clamped the chloroform- coated rag over his mouth. Within seconds, he was sent spinning into darkness.


A/N: Here’s a nice long & action-packed chapter for y’all. Enjoy!! 🙂

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