Trapped in the Woods- Chapter 2

Chapter 2- A Warm Welcome

The next morning, the four Harrington brothers were getting ready to go for their forest trip. “Did you pack enough snacks?!” yelled Brian. “Yes!” replied Marcus. “I basically cleaned out the supermarket.” Meanwhile, Alex was stuffing the bags into the boot of the car. “Jeez, Nicholas, How much did you pack?! We’re only going for three days!” he said, while wrangling a particularly large bag into the boot. “Its called being prepared!” said Nicholas. “You never know what might happen in the woods!” Finally, they were all set to leave.

After about an hour’s journey, they reached their destination. They expected to see rows & rows of cabins, but there was just one. A young lady was standing outside the entrance. “Hello! Welcome to the Ferncliff Forest retreat. Here are your keys. Enjoy your stay!” She handed them a bunch of keys. “Are there not more cabins?” asked Brian. For a moment, her expression darkened. She looked rather nervous, scared even. But then a second later, she was smiling again. “Oh, yes, there are, but this is a special cabin. Just for you, Lieutenant Harrington.” She turned towards Marcus. He blushed slightly. “Oh, how did you know?” “My brother is in the police force. He told me all about you.” she said rather hesitantly. Alex arched his eyebrows “OK. Um, thanks for your help, but I think we’ll manage from here. By the way, we didn’t catch your name.” he replied. “Sarah Goode.” she replied. “OK, thanks.” said Nicholas. He took the keys & opened the door. Sarah called out after them,”If you need anything, give me a call!” she said. “My business card is on the coffee table.” The door slammed shut. Alex whispered to Marcus,” I think there’s something…off about Sarah.”


A/N: Yeahh….. this chapter is mainly just exposition & set-up for the main story. It will get more interesting,though!

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