My mother forgot her pin

My Mother Forgot Her Pin

My mother forgot her pin

And effort she put in

But she got locked out of her phone

And nobody could change her tone.

She tried 1,2,3

But could not get free

She tried 4,5,6

But nothing it would fix.

She tried 7,8,9

And it all worked fine

And my mother who was about to burn

Just took a turn.


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So sweet Aadika. Totally poetic with a perfect dash of humour well done πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

What a great poetry and paintings. They are above your age. I admire your creative thoughts. U may become a big poet and a painter in the years to come. Congratulations. Keep it up and do practice. Your loving,

Your mama wil never loose her pin or cool again because now she must have understood that somebody is there to expose her. Very very nice our dear one.god bless you.

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